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Grindell admits he is a loser


German Football Federation (DFB) president Reinhard Grindel has apologized to Messeil Ozil, the national team player who announced his retirement after the 2018 World Cup.

Grindel admitted that he had to face Ozil’s racism more strongly, following the disappointing departure of the 2014 World Cup champion from the first round of the next edition.

“For the racist attack, I had to put myself in the face of Ozil and defend him,” Grindel said. “I had to say clear words about being absolutely unacceptable. He felt we had let him down, and I apologize.”
“I did not comment on sports performance after the World Cup, because we win together and lose together, blaming one player for this exit is ridiculous”

“The German Federation has clear principles of respect, tolerance, fair play, freedom of opinion and the press, and we expect that from all players.” Elkay Gundogan was an example of a clear statement after his image with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, .
Grindel concluded that Ozil’s accusations of racism would not affect his personal reputation, which everyone knows in the German and European unions

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