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La Liga – Messi leads Barcelona to beat Alaves


Barcelona escape the fever of the start with a hard-fought victory over Deportivo Alaves

Barcelona scored a tough 3-0 victory over Deportivo Alaves on Camp Nou in the first round of the 2018-2019 Spanish League season.
Barcelona grabbed the game long and wide in the half-game and created many chances to score for the brilliance of Pacheco, goalkeeper Alaves, and misfortune of the bar and the post.
The first half ended in a negative draw between the two teams amid the elation and defensive block of the guests and the negative and lack of offensive effectiveness of the Catalan giants.
The most dangerous chances of Barcelona in the first half came from a free kick by Messi in the 39th minute hit the bar and prevented Barcelona from advancing.
Barcelona increased the offensive pressure in the second half, and resorted to Alafis defenders to stop the seriousness of Messi legitimate and illegal ways.
The 64th minute saw Barcelona’s first goal of a superb free kick by Messi with a deceptive human-ground floor and goalkeeper who scored the Catalan giants’ 6,000th goal in La Liga.

Messi also became the first player in the Spanish league history to score goals for the fifteenth consecutive season.
The Argentinian star almost immediately added the second goal with a superb shot in the 67th minute from inside the box that hit Pacheco’s left foot.
Suarez and Coutinho hastened to duel in the squandering of easy chances against the goal of Alaves.
With an individual effort from Brazilian midfielder Coutinho and his usual way of receiving the ball, dribbling and shooting in the far corners of the right net, announcing the second goal and the shot of mercy in the 84th minute

Suarez appeared in the role of the playmaker and gave a wonderful pass to Messi, who received it brilliantly inside the box and Roag and Sop scored the third and second goal.
Barcelona opened their points of the season in the Spanish league with three points starting the campaign to defend the title.

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