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Wholesale Attempts and Risk Burdens – What did Ronaldo debut in with Juventus?


Cristiano Ronaldo has joined his new team Juventus for the first time in the opening of the Italian league against Chievo.

Ronaldo failed to score in the opening match of the 18th consecutive season in Juventus’s 3-1 win.
The Portuguese tried very hard to score with eight shots, four of which were on the net, but the Chievo goalkeeper was on guard.
Ronaldo made two chances to score and played four cross-balls with a 50% success rate, and did not succeed in any duel in the first game with Juventus.

The Portuguese striker received two fouls during the game, passing the ball 30 times with a 90% success.
In terms of bilateral interventions, Ronaldo won five bilateral interventions and lost 11. He won three aerobic interventions and lost the same, which could be a threat to the player who has the ability to win bilateral and aeronautical reinforcements in a strong defense league like the Calchio.
Ronaldo moved to Juventus from Real Madrid this summer for 105 million euros.
Juventus are now preparing to face Lazio in the second round of the Italian league August 25.

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